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Our Story

Can you predict the share price of a company just by what people are saying about it?

This is the question we wanted to answer when we started Kensai. 

We set about creating our financial AI in the cloud, building our own AI and integrating with the latest AI engines.

We then released them in our serverless environment where they could scale to infinity.

Soon we were monitoring what was being said about the Worlds largest companies in the news and on social media.

With the help of some clever fund managers and algorithms, we answered the question. Sentiment effected share prices. A lot!

In December 2017 the price of Bitcoin went crazy, reaching $20,000 a coin.

We were approached by a crypto fund to monitor cryptocurrencies. With a little training, our AI was able to provide valuable insights.

We now have over a years sentiment back data on hundreds of large companies.

We are working with financial organisations and individuals to deliver powerful insights that augment trades in the fast moving consumers goods markets.

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