Analyse your text, pictures or video using our AI technology via API


You’re covered with everything from SDKs in your favourite languages to working with an experienced team to bring amazing insights to your data.

Artificial Intelligence

We’re building at the very edge of AI using the latest data, cloud and AI technologies. Learn how we provide you deep insights now.


We have a strong background in creating secure products across industries including finance. Find out more about how we keep you secure.

Helping you reap the benefits via API


Our API’s are designed to be simple, offering all the power without the fuss.


We abstract away from the complexity only leaving what you need.


Hooks are created to be non-complex and human readable.


We offer consistency over a number of program languages.


We think of our API as a product that is constantly improving.


Work with experienced developers to integrate your solution.

Top level security across all areas

Secure Data Centres

Data is secured and protected by leading tech companies.

Secure Backups

We encrypt all backups in multiple secure cloud locations.


All our services are self-healing for enhanced reliability.

2-Factor Authentication

Enable 2-factor authentication for account access security.


All access is handled via Transport Layer Security.

Internal Policies

We have a security policy in place you can read here.

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