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  • Will Crosthwait
    Will Crosthwait CEO

    Background: Founder / Managing Director of cloud based platform Auditionist and founder of e-commerce platform, Countryfi.

    Experience: Will’s first business was Auditionist, 2300 actors who audition online. He also built Countryfi, an online marketplace for countryside activities, before founding Kensai. Will gave a talk on AI for the BBC Blue Room AI season, appeared live in Al Jazeera studio interviews and taken part in roundtables with the Indian Government, Foreign Office, British High Commission India, The Royal Society, TechUK, London Mayor’s Office and GLA. He gave evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on AI and was referred to in their subsequent report. In October 2018, he went on an AI Trade Mission to India with the Foreign Office and British High Commission.

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