Kensai Launches $1m Raise

Kensai is raising $1m from HNWI’s, angel investors and seed venture capital funds seeking to invest in artificial intelligence. They are using the investment to extend their artificial intelligence services into a SaaS offering. The company currently works with clients on a one-to-one basis and they will use the investment to introduce their services to a wider market.

CEO Will Crosthwait says, “the funding enables Kensai to continue to quickly grow, making it easier for more customers to access the growing number of AI products we currently offer. We have an exciting period of accelerated growth ahead of us.”

CTO Damon Neale adds, “we’re really happy with the scale and speed that we’re achieving. Our clients have been happy with the insights we’ve been able to deliver, so we’re excited to work with investors to grow the company.”

The raise coincides with Kensai’s acceptance onto the London Mayors Business Growth Programme. They join the Autumn Cohort of the FinTech stream, starting on the 23rd September. Their participation introduces them to a range of new corporate clients and venture capital firms interested in future rounds at series A and beyond.

Over Summer, Kensai continues to work alongside the UK Government’s Digital Catapult on the Content Personalisation Network (CPN).The CPN is supported by a strong consortium including news organisations Deutsche Welle (DW), VRT and DIAS. Each is a leading news organisations in their respective countries (Germany, Belgium and Cyprus). This work intensifies as we head into autumn.

Kensai welcomes enquiries from those looking to invest in artificial intelligence. To enquire about the round or to request investment materials, please use the form below:

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