Artificial Intelligence using news and social opinion to gain financial insights

Our Mission

We’re using AI to prove there is measurable correlation between social media, news articles and financial markets

There’s plenty of traffic across social media and news daily

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Sentiment Analysis

Using artificial intelligence, we analyse the context around these news articles and on social media to understand the sentiment being expressed so we can intelligently factor these millions of data variables into Kensai’s decisions.

Using our AI neural network we overlay this onto finacial data.

 Our Team

  • Will Crosthwait
    Will Crosthwait CEO

    Background: Founder / Managing Director of cloud based platform Auditionist and founder of e-commerce platform, Countryfi.

    Experience: Extensive understanding of project management while bringing cloud based tech businesses to reality, and in the strengthening field of AI and automation where Will has given a talk for the BBC as part of their AI and Automation season.

  • Damon Neale
    Damon Neale CTO

    Background: Experienced CTO for BASE Media Cloud, Tech Lead EMEA BeBop Technologies LLC and MD of Broadcast Tech Consultancy.

    Experience: Early adopter of new tech, including cloud and AI. Responsible for building £multi-million solutions for major international customers. Invited to talk on tech (including AI) at major international conferences.

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